Government Relations Committee



Daryl Hornick-Becker (Term 2016-2019)
Admissions Counselor
CUNY Welcome Center




Brian Culligan (Term 2016-2019)
Admissions Recruitment Advisor
SUNY Welcome Center



Committee Members

Emmanuel Cruz
SUNY Oswego

Fahim Farazi
CUNY, Welcome Center

Alexander Haas
University at Buffalo (SUNY)

John Keating
Boys and Girls Club

Maya Lupa
Magen David Yeshiva Ceila Esses High School

Amanda Miller
The Sage Colleges

Roksolana Sheverack
CUNY, Welcome Center

Jeff Simon

Emily Task
Goddard Riverside Options Center

Mitchell Thompson
Scarsdale High School

Latiqua Washington
New Settlement Apartments


The charge of the Government Relations Committee is to support NYSACAC in promoting access and equity in post-secondary education through participation in legislative activities. Members must be knowledgeable and current regarding such issues and must educate the organization as well as communicate the importance of being proactive in this arena.

Responsibilities of the Chair/Co-Chairs

  • Recruit committee members at the annual spring conference.
  • Plan and Coordinate the Legislative Advocacy Day Program.
  • Coordinate and organize the Legislative Session at the NYSACAC annual spring conference.
  • Submit reports to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Access.
  • Attend August and December Executive Board meetings, and others if possible. Submit a report to the VP for Diversity, Equity, and Access prior to the meeting.
  • Submit articles regarding the Legislative Forum for the December and March issues of the newsletter, and other issues as necessary.
  • Maintain portion of the NYSACAC website focusing on legislative issues.

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Attend meetings, and participate in e-mail listserves and discussion groups.
  • Attend the NYSACAC Legislative Advocacy Day in Albany.
  • Complete projects as assigned.
  • Take an active role in the planning, organizing, and executing of the workshop session at the annual spring conference.
  • Promote overall awareness of the committee.