Legislative Updates

August 2017 Government Relations Update

The Government Relations Committee held its first committee member conference call on Tuesday, August 29th. The following items were discussed during the call:

1) Legislative Advocacy Day, Albany NY (Tuesday, February 13th 2018)

  • How can we get more students and members involved from Northern, Central, and Western NY?

- Building partnerships with CBOs in these communities to engage students.

- Potentially offering transportation to Albany from these communities.


2) Mayoral Elections in Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, and NYC.

  • Developing a strategic communications plan to inform the NYSACAC membership on candidates’ education platforms.

- A report on each candidate will be sent out ahead of the September 12th primary elections.

- Ad hoc communications will be sent to the membership as Election Day approaches.


3) NYSACAC Legislative Agenda 2017-18

  • Looking forward to the NYS legislative session beginning in January, which specific legislative items should NYSACAC focus on this year?


- Exemption to the Truth-in-Testing act for the ACT exam -- allowing NYS students to take the exam in February and July.

- Review and reforms to the Excelsior Scholarship requirements to benefit a greater number of NYS students.

- Increases to Opportunity Program funding.

- Increases to maximum TAP awards.


Please feel free to send any suggestions to [email protected]


4) Strategies to engage with legislators:

  • Greater engagement with city council members throughout the state.
  • Monthly meetings with legislator district offices.
  • Regular engagement with key elected officials (minority/majority leaders, and committee chairpersons).


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