Membership Relations Committee


Estrella Redondo (Term 2017-2020)
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission
Baruch College




Karen Archibee (Term 2017-2020) 
Senior Admissions Counselor
SUNY Oswego




[email protected]



The charge of the Membership Committee is to recruit, enroll, and track NYSACAC members, as well as publish the information through a directory. The term of office for the Membership Chair is three years.

Responsibilities of the Chair/Co-Chairs

  • Recruit members for the Membership Committee.
  • Organize meetings for the Committee.
  • Recruit and enroll NYSACAC members by coordinating a mailing which consists of membership renewal forms, and membership forms, a renewal reminder, and membership acknowledgement.
  • Communicate with the membership via the Newsletter at least once a year.
  • Publish an annual directory.
  • Attend August and December Executive Board meetings, as well as other meetings, if possible.
  • Report updates on membership and the work of the Membership Committee to the VP for Finance before each Executive Board meeting.
  • Obtain current NACAC membership list for New York State and encourage non-members to join.

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Consist of the Membership Chair and at least two at large members of NYSACAC.
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and enrollment of members.
  • Assist in revising, updating, publishing, and disseminating the membership directory.
  • Encourage membership in NACAC.