Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of the elected officers, listed below, who are voting members at E-board meetings.The Executive Board meets on at least four occasions during the year and all voting members are expected to attend these meetings and provide updates regarding their particular area of representation.

The Board kicks off the year with a summer leadership retreat in July, to orient new leaders, reflect on the past year, and discuss programming and organizational goals for the upcoming year. There is a winter retreat in December, as a mid-year check-in on the association’s activities and events. There are two additional board meetings in February, and at the annual conference in June. Expenses are usually assumed by the officer and their institution. These may include transportation to the meeting site and hotel accommodations, if necessary. Food is generally provided during the meetings. Some funding may be available to support elected officials whose institution is unable to provide financial support.



Committees are critical to the functioning and success of the organization. Each committee has two co-chairs that lead their respective committee’s work. Committee Co-Chairs are appointed by the President for three-year terms, or to complete the remainder of a term that has been vacated. Committee Co-Chairs attend the two leadership retreats, in July and December, but do not participate in the formal Executive Board meetings, as they are non-voting members of the Board. Click the links below to learn about the various committees’ work, meet the Co-Chairs, and see the committee members. If you would like to participate in a particular committee, reach out to one of the Co-Chairs to express your interest.

Executive Board Meeting Calendar (2024-2025)

June 2025
Site: Hartwick College
Time: TBD