Strategic Plan for NYSACAC
2014-2017 (extended to 2018)

Goal 1: NYSACAC will continue to grow and to diversify its membership

  • 1.1 To articulate, enumerate, and showcase the benefits of membership wherever possible
  • 1.2 To continue to increase college and university, high school, community based organization, independent counselor, and out-of-state members, in an effort to increase access for the students they serve
  • 1.3 To expand the geographic footprint of our membership across the state
  • 1.4 To encourage early renewal and membership registration enhancing member participation throughout the membership year
  • 1.5 To create and develop an affiliate-wide mentoring program

Goal 2: NYSACAC will continuously evaluate and strengthen its current programs while exploring new opportunities to meet the needs of our membership

  • 2.1 To obtain commitments for annual conferences’ and Camp College locations three years out
  • 2.2 To produce marketing materials specific to conference hosting; to improve messaging regarding the benefits of hosting, while sharing accurate conference hosting costs
  • 2.3 To review and evaluate current revenue-generating programs in an effort to plan more than a year at a time
  • 2.4 To develop new programs centered around middle-management professionals within the organization
  • 2.5 To explore incorporating the use of webinars for professional development and information exchange
  • 2.6 To develop web-based content accessible only to members

Goal 3: NYSACAC will continue to practice fiduciary responsibility in its everyday and long-term operations

  • 3.1 To maintain vigilance in budget formulation each year by underestimating income and overestimating expenses
  • 3.2 To investigate new revenue streams
  • 3.3 To incorporate development more into everyday practice by looking for corporate partnerships, coordinating outreach, and producing a database of donors
  • 3.4 To apply for grants in an effort to offset NYSACAC program costs
  • 3.5 To develop a formal process in order to collect past due balances

Goal 4: NYSACAC will continue to develop its marketing opportunities and brand recognition

  • 4.1 To produce an annual communication plan based on the annual and long-term master calendars
  • 4.2 To ensure that all organizational communication and marketing opportunities share the same look and feel, use the official NYSACAC logo, and follow the NYSACAC style guide
  • 4.3 To expand the use of social media to increase NYSACAC outreach
  • 4.4 To issue press releases highlighting relevant news and accomplishments of our members

Goal 5: The Executive Board will promote the mission and vision of the organization, while planning for the long-term health and growth of NYSACAC

  • 5.1 To collaborate with other affiliates of NACAC, as well as state counseling and educational organizations to promote growth and collaboration
  • 5.2 To create short and long-term succession plans to ensure a fully staffed Board
  • 5.3 To expand the role and duties of elected delegates beyond the tasks associated with representation in the NACAC Assembly
  • 5.4 To continually evaluate the committee structure to ensure that all needs of the organization are being met
  • 5.5 To cultivate leadership and promote from within committees to ensure the qualifications and experience of committee chairpersons
  • 5.6 To improve the preservation of NYSACAC historical information and use it to highlight achievements and in support of our mission and programs

Goal 6. NYSACAC will be a source of expertise to college and high school professionals in all areas of college admission counseling.

  • 6.1  To continue to provide professional development opportunities to its members
  • 6.2  To continue to provide opportunities for dialogue among high school, college, and community based organization individuals
  • 6.3  To seek opportunities to share our knowledge with colleagues, parents, students, government officials and the media