June 30, 2023

Dear NYSACAC Members:

Yesterday morning, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling against Harvard and UNC’s use of race in college admission decisions, stating that they violated the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. Although this decision was expected, it is disappointing and disheartening, following decades of work and initiatives to create increasingly diverse campus communities within the legal landscape of affirmative action. The ability to consider race in admission was an opportunity to address systemic barriers faced by underrepresented communities, particularly those that had historically been disadvantaged as a result of their racial or ethnic background.

We believe all students benefit when they live and learn with people from different backgrounds and identities from their own. As we consider how to move forward in this changing landscape, NYSACAC can be a leader in ensuring that we continue to create equitable pathways for all students. We can use our collective experience and creativity to advocate for policies and practices that ensure every student has the ability to thrive in higher education.

While we do not have all the answers, we will look to provide updates and resources to help navigate the complexities of this new road on which we find ourselves. We also urge you, our members, to collaborate and share ideas with us and with each other, as we work to create and advocate for a bright future for our students.

NACAC, along with colleagues from NASFAA and ACCRAO, is hosting an information session to offer a streamlined, practical analysis of the Court's opinion and its implications for institutional enrollment policy and practice. The session, scheduled for Wednesday, July 19th at 3:00pm, will include a comprehensive overview of the ruling and recommended strategies and action steps to consider in light of these developments. For those of you who are NACAC members, you can use your NACAC login to register for the information session here. Space is limited, so I encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible. Be sure to follow their social media platforms for additional updates and professional development opportunities.

Thank you for your continued dedication to serving the students in New York State and beyond. Together we will make a difference.
Heidi Green
President, NYSACAC