Nominating Committee, Elections, and Awards

Committee Members

Name Institution Term of Service
Marissa Guijarro

Suffern High School
Committee Chair
* Stephanie Espina Verto Education
Committee Chair
Gerard Turbide Wells College  2021-2024
Meghan DeMayo-Dalen Suffolk Community College  2021-2024
Sara Robinson University at Buffalo 2019-2022
Rob Kaercher Byron-Bergen Jr/Sr High School 2019-2022
* Cassie Magesis Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy
Committee Chair
Luis Barcelo Pelham Memorial High School 2020-2023
Jatae Daly Student Leadership Network 2020-2023
Christine Murphy St. Joseph's College 2020-2023
Will Cardamone Manlius Pebble Hill School 2020-2023


 * previously served in the NYSACAC Presidents' cycle

Contact: [email protected]


The Nominating Committee reviews the nominees for open elected positions each year and presents the yearly slate for annual elections.  The committee also reviews and selects eligible nominees for annual awards. A summary of the committee’s responsibilities is listed in the NYSACAC Policies and Procedures Manual.